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Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Flippin' Men Decoupage Verses - Golf and Bike

You take your driving iron
And tee off from the start
In Argyle pully and plus fours
You really look the part
The ball flies down the fairway
Then comes to a sudden stop
Cos it's landed in the bunker
'Fraid you've played a bleeding flop
You confront the ball with confidence
But can see it's badly laid
So, if your playing in the sand pit
Better take a bucket and spade!

© Marjorie Ramsay

Out on your bike,
Surveying the land
Bum in the saddle
Pint in your hand
Mile after mile
With legs either side
Of the crossbar and pedals
For a nice long ride
Watching the traffic
Not spilling a drop
Hey...that's drinking and riding
Watch out for that cop.
The wheels just keep turning
As you pedal away
Have a wonderful jaunt
And an amazing birthday!

© Marjorie Ramsay

1 comment:

  1. Just found your blog now Marjie - you're flipping BRILLIANT!!

    Looking forward to seeing you in July

    Bev x