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Saturday, 2 May 2009

Flippin' Men Decoupage Verses - Cricket and Decorator

You stagger from the pavillion
Dressed up in your whites
Praying that the umpire
Will stop play for 'bad light'
Even though you're fond of
A lovely game of cricket
Beer and bat don't mix chum
You're on a 'sticky wicket'!

© Marjorie Ramsay

Sitting on your ladder
Pint of beer in your mitt
Not much painting done
Just a little bit.
But..don't you drink too many
Stick to your painting plan
Or you'll dip into your beer glass
And not the Bl**dy can!

© Marjorie Ramsay

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Flippin' Men Decoupage Verses - Boxer and Cheers

Time to celebrate
The bout is over and done
You look like you lost the fight mate
But I/we hear that you actually won
You gave a few upper cuts
That palooka was beat at the bell
But looking at your left eye
He aimed a few punches as well!

© Marjorie Ramsay

Sitting on a barrel
Beer glass in your hand
The cask is almost empty
And you can hardly stand
Now it comes to counting
How many pints you've sunk
Better try in 'gallons'
You dipsomaniac drunk!

© Marjorie Ramsay

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Flippin' Men Decoupage Verses - Bookie and Bowls

The bookie's is your favourite spot
To spend your leisure days
With a hot tip from the horse's mouth
You'll risk 50p each way
But it seems you wear the blinkers
You' ve selected the outsider
It's running backwards round the track
And unseated it's bloody rider!

© Marjorie Ramsay

Out there on the grass
Just one more end to play
Jack rolled out and lying straight
But a blocker in the way
You bend those knees and bowl your wood
Your opponent is holding shot
But too much beer has taken it's toll
You miss the bloomin' lot
But never fret, you've one bowl left
A drive is now your scheme
You take the lead and win the game
Champion of the green!

© Marjorie Ramsay