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Saturday, 27 February 2010

More last!

It's been simply ages since I last posted any of my verses......but this first one popped up on a forum last week....and I recognized it straight away as one of mine....forgot about this
The second verse was done as a I thought I'd share it on here.

I am hoping to compose some verses/ditties to go with my Lottie and Bobby images...see here... watch this space!


Verse for a Mum who has passed on
Mum, I know you still are with me
In my prayers, my thoughts, my heart.
And though I cannot see you,
You'll always be a part
Of my life’s sweet celebrations
In those times when I reflect
On how things now are different,
But through our love, we still connect.
We’ll see each other someday
When our spirits will dance and play,
Until then, I'm so lost without you
And especially on your birthday (mothers day)
Marjorie Ramsay©

Welcome Home
Home is where the heart is
That's how the saying goes
Now you've returned to your loved ones
You're absence has come to a close
You are welcomed with open arms dear
With a love that comes from the heart
You've been missed so much dear beloved
All of the days we have been far apart
You were kept in mind each moment
Every minute you were striving to roam
But now you are here with your family
So just saying, with love...Welcome Home!
Marjorie Ramsay©


  1. Your verse for your Mum really has touched me...tfs...I just lost my Mom a few weeks ago...

  2. Thats lovely Marjie I should of known you would have one . Thank You