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Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Teenager Verses

A Teenager
A teenager is a wondrous thing
An enigma to behold
It's something that's developed
When reaching 13 years old
No one can ever figure out
What's in your minds...that's true
Nor understand your sullen moods
Or things you try to do.
So I wont try to figure out
What's going through your head
I'll just sit back and remember
My teenage years.....instead!
© Marjorie Ramsay

You're Loved
You may be very churlish
And your face it may be spotty
Your clothes are so appalling
And your room.... extremely grotty
Everything about you
Is untidy and disheveled
Your mind is out in space
While your body's always leveled
But..even though you're harebrained
And your temper we can't tame
You're just another teenager
And we LOVE you..all the same!
© Marjorie Ramsay


  1. hi Margie
    i dont know how you do it but your verses are great thanks for sharing them, shakespear would be proud
    love Marlene